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A few apps of interest

Technology for Lawyers

Published: May 12, 2017

In which we continue our ongoing series. In these cases, however, we’re looking at apps that have very small and specific functions, meaning that the world of legal apps is getting more and more functional.

Settlement App is a small cash app tailored to attorneys and other folks who need to be able to transfer funds from clients—no physical credit cards or checks needed. Download the app, create a merchant account, and then begin accepting credit card and ACH payments. Set up recurring billings, send out client billing reminders, customize payment options, and pay out settlements in payments over time. Integrates with current software. Apply at the website: http://healpay.com/product/settlementapp.

Depose is a portable, on-the-fly deposition app. Import questions from multiple sources. Seems to be worth the eight bucks. Google Play Store only, at this point.

Toggl is a simple timekeeping app. Set rates for each task or client, start and stop the clock. https://toggl.com/. Other timekeeping apps with greater or lesser functionality include Time Master, Hours Tracker, Harvest App, iTimeKeep, and Timewerks Pro. Check em out.

Duet Display (iOS only) turns your Apple device into a second computer screen (and all lawyers, of course, should have two computer screens). About $20 but a lot cheaper than buying another monitor, especially if you already own an iPad. If you do, this looks like a no-brainer. https://www.duetdisplay.com/

Redact Assistant redacts documents in Word and Excel and then saves the documents in native format (Adobe already has this function for PDFs but Microsoft doesn’t). High functionality and ease of use. http://www.thepaynegroup.com/products/redact/. Free trial available; permanent license is $45.

Bestlaw is a browser add-on that adds features to Westlaw and Lexis searches, including easy-copy citations, clickable table of contents creation, document sharing, and a bunch more. At http://www.bestlaw.io. Pro version is $5/month. Looks well worth it.

SignMyPad lets you open and sign a PDF on your phone or tablet and then send the document to a recipient. Costs a buck and worth it.

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