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NuLaw: Cloud-based, modular practice management and more

Technology for Lawyers

Published: December 22, 2017

There are now dozens and dozens of law practice management suites. If you’re looking to get really confused about that, head over to the review page at https://www.capterra.com/law-practice-management-software and try to pick out the best one.

NuLaw, however, looks like an evolutionary point in law practice management software that is worth paying attention to.

If you were shopping for a practice management system from scratch and you already knew what they looked like and worked like and what you wanted, you might come up with something like NuLaw (http://nulaw.co).

NuLaw comes to us from Florida’s SelasTech and uses the Salesforce platform to create a seamless and completely flexible and customizable, cloud-based practice management system.

What seems to set NuLaw apart from other like systems is the modular nature of the platform—you only pay for and use the functions that your firm actually needs, rather than jamming a one-size-fits-all platform into the practice. Instead of trying to scale a platform up or down, users can just pick what they want from the get and then scale and modify from there.

Security is topmost in this product, which includes secure, two-factor authenticated client communication capabilities with full document collaboration with both clients and office-mates.

In a rarity for practice management software NuLaw helps get business. As you may think with the Salesforce collaboration, generating new clients is a part of this system, including marketing and client acquisition modules with dynamic questionnaire intake scripting. Also because of the Salesforce connection users have full access to that company’s app exchange.

NuLaw also automatically updates all social media posting.

Once the client is in and the case is set up, NuLaw automates checklists to track the case, creates and shares calendars, and aggregates data to create real-time data points to both track and learn from the case.

The system has its own email function, but also integrates with Gmail and Outlook.

It has a document library which includes templates, and sources from Westlaw, LexisNexis, and law firm uploads.

NuLaw also has a complete time tracking and billing function. The billing is HIPAA compliant, and includes merchant processing (credit cards) and full accounting.

Check it out.