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The Akron Legal News, Akron Ohio, Summit County Ohio

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The Akron Legal News is a daily publication devoted to legal, financial, real estate and general news. Designated by the Federal, County and Municipal Courts as the Official Law Journal of Summit County, Ohio.

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Greater Akron Chamber’s KNOW luncheon presents Iris Harvey

AKRON––Join KNOW on Wednesday, Oct. 28, for the next quarterly luncheon to hear Iris E. Harvey, vice president for university relations at Kent State University, present “Leadership: Lean in With Purpose—Power Will Follow.”
Harvey serves as the university’s chief strategist on branding, marketi ... (full story)

Mass shootings grab headlines, but others go under radar

Mass shootings grab headlines, but others go under radar

The numbers jump off the page: Nine dead on an Oregon college campus, 12 in a theater in Aurora, Colorado. Thirteen soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood, Texas; 32 people at Virginia Tech; 13 at a community center in Binghamton, New York. Twenty-six dead — 20 of them young children — at an elementary school in Newtown, Co ... (full story)

Public defender says court appointed defense pays little

COLUMBUS (AP) — The Ohio public defender says qualified lawyers are increasingly cutting back on court-appointed work representing poor defendants, leaving that work to less-experienced attorneys.
Providing legal defense to indigent defendants has largely been left to each county in Ohio. Thirty-nine of the state's 88 count ... (full story)