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In 2020, TV and film still couldn't get abortion right

(THE CONVERSATION) According to decades of research, abortion is an incredibly common and safe medical procedure.
But if you learned about abortion only from movies and TV, that's not the story you'd see. For the last eight years, we've been studying onscreen depictions of abortion. We've found that Hollywood tends to dramatical ... (full story)

Column: How to turn plastic waste in your recycle bin into profit

(THE CONVERSATION) People will recycle if they can make money doing so. In places where cash is offered for cans and bottles, metal and glass recycling has been a great success. Sadly, the incentives have been weaker for recycling plastic. As of 2015, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled. The rest pollutes landfills or the environme ... (full story)

How does Wi-Fi work? An electrical engineer explains

(THE CONVERSATION) Though you can't see them, radio waves are all around you all the time, carrying information. For most people, some of those radio waves are Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi is the catchy name an industry alliance came up with to market devices that transmit large amounts of data over short distances using radio waves. The le ... (full story)

Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before

(THE CONVERSATION) Joe Biden is preparing to deal with climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before – by mobilizing his entire administration to take on the challenge from every angle in a strategic, integrated way.
The strategy is evident in the people Biden has chosen for his Cabinet and senior leadership r ... (full story)

After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, it's time to overhaul US disaster policy – here's how

(THE CONVERSATION) The year 2020 broke disaster records across the country in destructive and expensive ways. The Atlantic had so many hurricanes, meteorologists ran out of tropical storm names for only the second time. Across the Midwest, extreme storms flattened crops and tore up buildings. Western states repeatedly broke records ... (full story)