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THE CONVERSATION: More solutions needed for campus hunger

(THE CONVERSATION) A new federal report does a fairly good job of explaining what many researchers have been saying for a decade – food insecurity among college students is a serious national problem.
As one University of California, Berkeley student revealed in an interview for a 2018 research article I helped write: &ldqu ... (full story)

Market bubbles and sonic attacks: Mass hysterias will never go away

(THE CONVERSATION) Ancient and quaint seem the days of witch crazes, demon scares and tulip manias. Instances of mass hysteria may strike you as rare events in modern advanced societies. But such outbreaks are products of their times. They’re still around today, just in different guises.
Aided and abetted by its status as ... (full story)

9th District affirms man’s third murder conviction for woman’s death

A Summit County jury did not lose its way when convicting a man of killing the mother of his child after his third aggravated murder trial, the 9th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.
Willard McCarley was arrested in 2004 for a murder that had occurred 12 years earlier. The victim, C.P., was the 26-year-old mother of his so ... (full story)

What Catholics can learn from protests of the past

(THE CONVERSATION) Pope Francis started the new year criticizing some Catholic bishops for their role in the church’s sexual abuse crisis. In a letter to bishops gathered at Mundelein Seminary in Illinois for a spiritual retreat, the pope said that the “disparaging, discrediting, playing the victim” had greatly und ... (full story)

Congress' budget dysfunction is more than 4 decades in the making

(THE CONVERSATION) In an eleventh-hour twist, Sen. Rand Paul protested the costs of Congress’ latest budget deal and briefly shut down the federal government.
Then, in the wee hours of Feb. 9, both houses of Congress eventually voted to pass the budget deal – a bipartisan agreement to repeal expenditure limits and fun ... (full story)