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Accordion-playing judge uses music to overcome personal tragedy

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Barberton Municipal Court Judge Todd M. McKenney often describes what he does on the bench as improvisational theatre.
“Improv is similar to being a judge because you’re always changing to the facts being presented to you,” he said. “I’ve joked that I’ll stand on my head and look cross-eyed at ... (full story)

Mahoning Judge Beth Smith launches unique text messaging service

When a person fails to appear in court for a hearing or a trial, leading to delays and other issues, it’s not only the parties in the case who are impacted, said Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court Judge Beth Smith.
“Delays cost the court time and money, as staff must reschedule hearings and answer procedural q ... (full story)

7th District appellate court vacates plea in meth case

A defendant was not properly informed of his rights under Crim.R. 11 when he entered a guilty plea in a drug case, the 7th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.
David Joseph Allen appealed his Dec. 5, 2017, conviction in Belmont County Common Pleas Court for aggravated possession of a controlled substance. He argued that th ... (full story)

The new coronavirus emerged from the global wildlife trade – and may be devastating enough to end it

(THE CONVERSATION) COVID-19 is one of countless emerging infectious diseases that are zoonotic, meaning they originate in animals. About 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, accounting for billions of illnesses and millions of deaths annually across the globe.
When these diseases spill over to humans, the cause fre ... (full story)

5 Buddhist teachings that can help you deal with coronavirus anxiety

(THE CONVERSATION) Buddhist meditation centers and temples in coronavirus-hit countries around the world have been closed to the public in order to comply with social distancing measures.
But Buddhist teachers are offering their teachingsfrom a distance in order to remind their communities about key elements of the practice. (full story)