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Transgender Americans are more likely to be unemployed and poor

(THE CONVERSATION) The United States Supreme Court will issue a ruling this year in a landmark case that will determine whether transgender people – individuals whose sex assigned at birth does not match their current innate sense of being male, female, both or neither – are protected by federal law from employment discr ... (full story)

AI algorithms root out welfare fraud often end up punishing the poor instead

(THE CONVERSATION) President Donald Trump recently suggested there is "tremendous fraud" in government welfare programs.
Although there's very little evidence to back up his claim, he's hardly the first politician – conservative or liberal – to vow to crack down on fraud and waste in America's social safet ... (full story)

The Conversation: Concussions aren't only a medical issue

(THE CONVERSATION) The sports media has a fascination with concussions. Not only is there a huge volume of stories about the issue, but there's also an urgency to the tone of the reporting. The heightened coverage has served to increase awareness of the concussion problem and encourage public debate about sport, health and safety. < ... (full story)

When presidential campaigns end, what happens to the leftover money?

(THE CONVERSATION) Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet have ended their campaigns for president.
What happens to the money they have raised, but not yet spent?
The amounts could be substantial. Financial reports submitted to the Federal Election Commission indicate that as of Dec. 31, 2019, candidates who had already dropped out ... (full story)

Akron Bar Foundation on a mission to improve access to justice

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Last year, the Akron Bar Foundation awarded $45,000 in scholarships to 11 law school students based on grade point average, affiliation with Summit County, a demonstrated history of community involvement and a strong financial need.
In addition, the foundation – the fundraising and charitable arm of the Akron Bar Associati ... (full story)