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Newest social media app Clubhouse could be good for attorneys

It is hard to keep up with the modern kids. I know. But here comes the one-year-old social media platform Clubhouse and its 10 million users, presenting another opportunity for lawyers to reach potential new clients and have a conversation.
Clubhouse is an audio-only and invitation-only platform that creates conversations among ... (full story)

“World Series of IP” has a winner

The 12-year marathon case of Google v. Oracle is over. And the winner is… Google, whom the U.S. Supreme Court ruled did not violate copyright law by using software developed by Oracle and subsequently used by Google in constructing Google’s Android smartphone operating system.
The case was dubbed “The World Se ... (full story)

One more remote office ABA Formal Opinion

Last December, the ABA issued Formal Opinion 495, a four-page opinion referencing the ability to practice law remotely vis a vis bar licensing. The fundamental question this Opinion answered is something along these lines: “I’m licensed to practice law in Ohio but, because of the pandemic, I’ve moved semi-permanent ... (full story)

Consider doing a webinar

Consider doing webinars, if you don’t already. Live webinars can be a great way to connect with present and potential clients. They can give a value-add to present clients, and potentially shake the bushes for new ones.
Of course, if you present something boring, you may have the opposite effect.
So here are some tips ... (full story)

Monitoring your online reputation

We’ve talked about the importance of being aware of your online reputation. Most of you undoubtedly have a good one, but you never really know until you take a deep dive into the topic. How, you ask? By going to these sites.
Here are several resources for tracking down your online rep, thanks to the folks at Search Engine ... (full story)