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LegalBoard: Desktop and portable keyboards for lawyers

People who spend their time typing legal documents probably have spent considerable effort wishing there was a keyboard that had shortcuts specifically designed for those docs.
Like when you have to stop what you’re doing and sift through Word to find a paragraph symbol or section symbol?
Well, now there’s a keyboa ... (full story)

New cybersecurity rules for Europe

Any company, including law offices, that does business with the European Union will have to conform to new EU cybersecurity rules by the deadline date of May 25, 2018.
The new rules take the place of electronic privacy rules that date from 1995. Yes, you read the right.
Bottom line—any company/ law firm that doesn’ ... (full story)

New data security rules for federal defense contractors

So, somebody finally got the US Department of Defense to pay attention to data security. Here come some new data security regulations, replacing outdated or, more like, nonexistent ones. So if you are a Department of Defense contractor, or represent one, and the contract involves sensitive information, you have to be cognizant of a ... (full story)

NuLaw: Cloud-based, modular practice management and more

There are now dozens and dozens of law practice management suites. If you’re looking to get really confused about that, head over to the review page at https://www.capterra.com/law-practice-management-software and try to pick out the best one.
NuLaw, however, looks like an evolutionary point in law practice management softw ... (full story)

Canadians jump in with legal apps for Word, contract AI

Everything is cool north of the border, and two Canadian legal app developers are here to prove it.
First up is a Word add-in that makes all of a firm’s documents conform to a firm standard. As in—how can a law firm automatically make every lawyer and other document producer create docs that all look like they came fr ... (full story)