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2016 legal tech developments retrospective

Legal tech guru Robert Ambrogi has jotted down his thoughts on the most important developments in the field last year, and I am passing some of them along.
Ambrogi is also the source of the most bizarre legal tech story of 2017 so far. It seems as if robots are creating fake people who post his columns word-for-word.
Whatever ... (full story)

Some top new products from 2016

All of the legal tech newsletters are weighing in on the best products of the past year. Here are a few that the folks at Technolawyer thought were the cat’s meow:
Contract Tools (https://papersoftware.com/contract-tools.html) is a MS Word add-on for drafting, analyzing and proofreading written agreements. It tracks the con ... (full story)

Chinese nationals charged with hacking M&A info from law firms

About, oh, 20 years ago, my first feature article on legal technology contained a warning about hackers infiltrating a law firm to download information on pending mergers and acquisitions. My thoughts centered around a scene from the film Wall Street, where Charlie Sheen’s character broke into an office to steal that kind of i ... (full story)

New grievance phishing scam attacks lawyers

If you receive an email that looks like a bar grievance complaint filing, do not open it. It is probably a phishing expedition.
This particular phishing email is spreading throughout at least 10 states, including Ohio, Florida, New York and Texas. The email tells an attorney that a grievance has been filed and gives a link to cli ... (full story)

Can this software predict lawsuits?

A startup legal “artificial intelligence” company has rolled out a complex application that may be able to help companies, and their attorneys, predict future lawsuits against them.
The company cleverly calls itself “IntraSpection,” and uses an algorithm that may be able to detect problematic language in e ... (full story)