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Insurance company refuses to cover law firm ransomware losses, gets sued

Ah, ransomware! To thee we sing.
Even if you haven’t been aware of ransomware (and all readers of this column are, of course), the recent news of a worldwide ransomware attacks probably registered somewhere, vaguely, in the back of your mind. Therefore, I’m going to assume at this point that you know what it is. No mo ... (full story)

AT&T v. FCC may determine the future of net neutrality

With all of the controversy surrounding the new head of the FCC’s attitudes toward “net neutrality,” a court case out in California lurks behind the shadows of this issue, and may have more of a role in determining the future of net neutrality than the FCC itself.
Brian Fung, the Washington Post’s tech wri ... (full story)

Make sure e-signatures and docs are secure

Ok, so now we are all doing e-signatures, correct?
But are they actually secure? Hard to say. Here are some guidelines to help ensure that the e-signatures and their underlying e-documents are as secure as possible. (Thanks to Legal Technology Today).
First, make sure that both the document being signed and its underlying tec ... (full story)

How Office 365 can help small practices

The folks at Solo Practice University (.com) are recommending Microsoft’s Office 365 as a “glue” app that can hold a solo or small practice together, saying it is “about time” to move over to this productivity suite if you haven’t already done so. Putting everything under one roof, so to speak, el ... (full story)

Unprotected documents waive attorney-client privilege

Discovery. ESI. The cloud. Unsecured documents. Unchecked discovery transmission.
Those five things should never be put together by lawyers. When you do that, as in Harleysville Insurance Company v. Holding Funeral Home Inc (W.D. Virginia, 2017), really bad things can happen.
This was a civil arson case, in which the insurance ... (full story)