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Best email encryption services

Encrypt you emails, they say. How do we do that? you say. PC Magazine shows us the way with their choice of their five favorite email encryption services.
Wait, you say. Don’t my ordinary, normal email services like Gmail and iCloud mail offer encryption? They say they do. But, like a lot of things in this world, saying it ... (full story)

Ohio Supreme Court expands, cleans up e-filing and other rules

The Ohio Supreme Court has finalized several amendments S. Ct. Prac. R. 3, having to do with e-filing.
The new rules will take effect on January 1, 2021.
The most important of these new rules is probably 3.02 and 30.3(A)(1), which expand the time for e-filing on-time documents from 5:00 PM Columbus time to midnight that day ... (full story)

Remote working security problems (and solutions) wrap-up

As we now move toward the end of 2020, thank goodness (we won’t talk about hindsight here), it is time to encapsulate all of the remote working security advice that we’ve been parceling out over the course of the year in one handy reference guide.
First, the potential problems, starting with malware (virus) attacks. ... (full story)

Solo practitioners find and manage new clients with Xira

A new platform out of California can help solo practitioners find, meet with and manage new clients. Xira (https://law.xira.com/), according to the great Bob Ambrogi, “helps lawyers get clients and provides free software to manage them.”
First caveat: Xira does not accommodate multiple users. It is aimed primarily at ... (full story)

Lawyers using hashtags

Hashtags (the symbol #) are a very powerful social media tool that lawyers can leverage to both generate business and keep an eye on the competition. They may not seem like much, but if used properly they can become a kind of sandworm burrowing through Twitter and Instagram to get a multitude or positive results.
If you use them ... (full story)