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Who’d believe it? Problems implementing GDPR

It came as quite the shock to me, but not everyone was ready for the GDPR implementation that came May 25th. (Actually, just about nobody was because everyone was fixated on where LeBron was going to go).
Here are several noticeable problems that came along with the implementation of EU’s new privacy laws:
Un: Clash of l ... (full story)

Online voice search is the new upcoming tech lawyers need to get a grip on

People searching the internet for things like lawyers are using voice search more and more, and so lawyers need to line themselves up into this new world if they want to be the one that a potential client finds when she says, “Siri, find me a divorce lawyer.”
Because, you see, the algorithms are different for voice se ... (full story)

Still not implementing cybersecurity policies? Do it now

A survey by eWranglers given to participants in a 2017 ABA GP Solos and Small Firm Summit came back with a very depressing stat—only a third of the firms reported that they had implemented data protection policies, with a similar number having implemented training for said policies.
The same survey showed that, while most f ... (full story)

ABA warning of more Internet scams

Really, the folks at the American Bar Association are pretty on top of the tech world these days, and have been for quite some time. This week’s scary warnings from the ABA concern more scams that lawyers and their clients are falling for these days, this time in particular through social media.
Once again, lawyers are call ... (full story)

Dayton Law gets approval for online degree

The University of Dayton School of Law received approval from the American Bar Association to offer a “hybrid” online law degree. The new program will begin in 2019.
The ABA granted a variance to the school in early May after a fairly short application and review process, said law school dean Andrew Strauss. “We ... (full story)