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Safety tips for digital payments

Taking (and disbursing) payments digitally can be both a time and moneysaving process. This can be especially true for solo and small firms who don’t have a separate billing department.
But digital payments are, of course, online and come with all of the hazards of any online transactions.
The folks at Law Technology Tod ... (full story)

A social media style guide

Social media is at once the boon and the bane of any law firm seeking business.
On the one hand, a substantial percentage of people seeking attorneys refer to some social media—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter mostly.
On the other hand, one slip-up in fact, grammar, tone, content, etc. and your firm is the next viral sensat ... (full story)

European Union GDPR at one year

The General Rata Protection Regulations signed into law by the European Union is celebrating its first birthday. According to the attendant analysis by CNET, the nascent regs have accomplished much in just 12 months.
As of its first anniversary (May 25), citizens, privacy groups and others filed nearly 150,000 complaints in the f ... (full story)

You and the dark web: Protect yourself!

According to some estimates, as much as 90% of the internet is “dark.” That is—it is encrypted and designed for privacy, security and anonymity.
One way of describing this is to say that the “dark web” is that part of the internet that can’t be found through a Google search.
That is, most ... (full story)

TrialLine creates cloud-based timelines from any device

Many, many years ago, I consulted for a company that was developing a visualized timeline product for the legal community. This was actually before Windows dominated the market and was developed a Pick operating system (you’ll have to look that up). It was revolutionary, and several public defenders’ offices in Louisiana ... (full story)