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What hackers do once inside an attorney’s computer system

We’ve talked a lot about how to prevent hackers from entering your system and what to do once they have—including various ethical considerations.
But, as an excellent Law Practice Today article points out, hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in not only how they access systems, but in what they do once they ... (full story)

Repsight coordinates online reviews but may bring ethical questions

Repsight (https://repsight.com/) is a paid online service that works to generate positive Google, Avvo and other online reviews.
It works by sending out requests for reviews to a client list, and then curating those requests and posting the positive ones. Five- and four-star reviews are automatically posted on the firm site, whil ... (full story)

Some social media tips

Now that every lawyer and law office has some sort of social media account, or multiples thereof, the whole thing can become pretty overwhelming. You may have one person dedicated to social media programming, but even then, things can get away. Here are a few tips for that person in charge of this mess (probably you).
One—d ... (full story)

Five steps to a disaster recovery plan

There are two major disasters that can negatively impact a law office’s data. The first is a data breach, corruption, ransomware, or other electronic-based disruption of the data itself. The other is the actual, physical loss of data through the loss of the computers the data is stored on through flood, hurricane, fire or othe ... (full story)

ABA issues formal ethics opinion on cyber attacks against attorneys

As we know, almost all of the top 50 law firms have been hacked in the last year or two. Lazy data security causes lawsuits and ethical violations; maybe this new rule will help prevent that.
About 25 years after I published my first piece on the potential of cyberattacks against law firms (when most law firms weren’t even ... (full story)