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Conference of Chief Justices weighs in on GDPR

The Conference of Chief Justices, an organization serving the CJs of each state supreme court, recently created a study to see how the GDPR might affect the workings of their courts.
The study was coordinated by Judge Gregory Mize, who heads special projects for the organization. Judge Mize sat down with me for a brief interview ... (full story)

Technology jobs for law school grads (not coding)

Most of the topics covered by this column concern technological applications in the law business or court decisions and ethical rules that concern technology in some way.
However, one major impact of legal technology is the fact that various companies need lawyers who have a feel for and skills with newer forms of tech—whet ... (full story)

Best practices for online presence

Used to be, not long ago, that merely having a website constituted the best practice for an attorney.
Not no more. Everybody has a website. So how do you both stand out, make your site as user-friendly as possible, and track your site’s effectiveness so you can adjust as need be?
A nice presentation at the recent ABA Tec ... (full story)

Keep up-to-date client contact through texting

As we all know, the chief complaint that lawyers deal with, especially in disciplinary actions, is a lack of client contact. And while nobody really wants to sit up and text every client 24/7, texting can provide a quick and easy way to contact clients while away from the office.
In fact, it’s probably a good idea to work c ... (full story)

Risk assessment for legal AI products

It was inevitable, as Mr. Smith said. Even though the field of legal AI is just beginning, and even though early adapters and their platform suppliers seem to be few and far between, potential end users still need to be able to evaluate the products that are on the market. And now maybe they can, thanks to this product (and thanks t ... (full story)