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Encryption fight in Congress

Encryption is having its moment in Congress. Particularly end-to-end encryption.
On one side are privacy advocates, including the big tech companies (which are now privacy advocates, apparently, since this doesn’t involve selling your data).
On the other side is Congress and law enforcement, who want to be able to get ... (full story)

SCOTUS arguments go remote

Even the Supreme Court has had its business as usual interrupted by the virus. For the first time in its history, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments from attorneys arguing from remote locations.
The arguments will be heard by telephone conference during the first two weeks of May. They will concern a number ... (full story)

Now AI can write briefs

Legal assistants and lower tier associates, beware: First, they came for your discovery. Then they came for your contracts.
And now they are coming for your briefs. Or, at least, part of a first draft of your brief.
Casetext (https://casetext.com/), an AI-based legal research tool that I wrote about last year, is up and runn ... (full story)

How to work from home

The folks at PC World have a very nice overview of how to transition from an office environment to working from home. Since I have been working from home for a couple of decades, this all makes sense to me.
First, be an actual office worker. Create an actual office space. It doesn’t have to be an entire office, but an adeq ... (full story)

Knowable knows what’s in all those contracts

The winner of Legal Week 2020’s prizes for most innovative new product is a platform that takes contract data scattered throughout a system and organizes it so that enterprises—including law firms, not doubt—can visualize all those hidden, hard-to-find contract clauses.
The company is Knowable (https://www.know ... (full story)