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Ohio county government forced to shut down by hackers

Licking County, a rural Ohio county just east of Columbus, was victimized by a ransomware attack in late January, and was forced to shut down its offices and phone systems until the situation could be resolved.
Although lightly populated, Licking County is the state’s third-largest by land area.
Ransomware, for those who ... (full story)

Juro: Artificial contract intelligence

As much as I resist, the whole artificial intelligence thing is creeping into legal software. Or more like rushing into it headlong.
The newest entry into AI applied to the law office, or law office applied AI, or, I dunno, is the British startup Juro (https://www.juro.io/landing), which is aiming to “turbocharge” the ... (full story)

The end of the notary as we know it

Notary stamps are as old as time itself. Notaries date from at least the time of Shakespeare, if not before. But the stamp that we are so used to may be about to disappear.
Notaries can have many functions, but in their practical relationship with attorneys, they are primarily an impartial, official witness to the validity of a s ... (full story)

ABA lists 2016’s top blawgs

The ABA tracks about 4,000 legal blogs, or “blawgs,” and puts out a list of the best of them every year.
Here are a few of those. I can’t provide links, so you’ll have to google them.
First, an interesting note. Only two of these are actually posted within a law firm’s website. The rest are indepe ... (full story)

2016 legal tech developments retrospective

Legal tech guru Robert Ambrogi has jotted down his thoughts on the most important developments in the field last year, and I am passing some of them along.
Ambrogi is also the source of the most bizarre legal tech story of 2017 so far. It seems as if robots are creating fake people who post his columns word-for-word.
Whatever ... (full story)