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Hacker or Hero or Both? The saga of Marcus Hutchins

A funny thing happened as the 2017 DEF CON hacker’s and cybersecurity professional’s conference ended in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. One of the world’s latest cybersecurity (white hat) heroes was arrested by US authorities and accused of actually being a black hat dude.
He denies it, and has a lot of people in cy ... (full story)

SCOTUS updates website, will accept electronic filing

The U.S. Supreme Court’s website just got a major overhaul, including a number of upgrades aimed at easing public and bar access to the court.
Most exciting is a nascent attempt at electronic filing, allowing the Supreme Court to join the rest of the federal court system in that regard.
The National Law Journal has gath ... (full story)

Fear your printer

Best thing for tech writers every year is the annual Black Hat conference in Vegas. Whether you attend or not, the hackers present always give us lots to write about.
Today’s lesson in “what to be afraid of in your office” is your printer.
And why not? What if a hacker could access any print order from the pr ... (full story)

Cheap password theft malware threatens all of us, laughs at us, too

Of course, it’s the Russians.
There is now an imperative to making your passwords safe. It really isn’t a choice anymore.
Malware startup Ovidiy, first detected in June, sells malware that both steals passwords from browsers and hides itself. That may not be news in and of itself, but the price of this new infestat ... (full story)

New case management system to link county, city offices

Beginning Dec. 31, 2018, the law departments, public defender offices and law enforcement offices of Summit County and the cities of Akron, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow and Tallmadge will all be connected by a new, comprehensive and powerful case management system.
The system, called MATRIX, will be designed and maintained by ... (full story)