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On the horizon: pending state privacy laws

Well, CCPA is out of the way. California, home to many of the largest tech companies in the country, has a privacy law that sorta kind looks like GDPR.
And it is very clear that Congress won’t be passing national privacy laws any time soon.
So-- on to the next states to pass privacy laws.
Actually, CCPA is far from ... (full story)

Make robocallers pay with this new app

In 2020, it is statistically likely that half of the phone calls you receive will be robocalls—up from 4 percent or so just three or four years ago. Pretty annoying, eh?
Well, now you and everyone else can fight back with a new app from the folks who developed DoNotPay (https://donotpay.com/), which bills itself as “ ... (full story)

Reynen Court legal tech ‘app store’ in takeover mode

Wouldn’t it be great if every legal tech app that lawyers needed to conduct business could be found and used on one cloud-based platform? Some kind of Holy Grail/ Rosetta Stone legal tech platform could alleviate a lot of the current stress around legal technology.
Well, Amsterdam-based Reynen Court (https://reynencourt.co ... (full story)

Google 2020 part 2: Local SEO for lawyers

If you are an Akron divorce attorney, you want to be near the top of the first page of search results when someone types “Akron divorce attorney” into Google’s search window.
Especially without paying Google for the privilege.
Getting a handle on how Google affects the ability of law firms to generate new c ... (full story)

Google for lawyers 2020, part 1: Updates on SEO

Success in Google is essential to generating new client leads. The closer one is to the top of the search page, the more likely that a potential new client will click and call. Lawyers can, and do, game that system by paying for advertising—upwards of $20 to $50 per click.
But if you don’t want to pay for Google adve ... (full story)