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Legal robot use case

A couple of months ago, we covered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the law office. Probably nobody who read that column immediately decided to hop on board the legal RPA train at that moment.
Well, there may now be a path for the adventurous among you to do so.
Again, an RPA is a little robot that automates desktop tasks. ... (full story)

Legal tech companies combining functionalities

With so many tech companies offering large and small platforms and apps into the market, it was only a matter of time before some of them started combining forces in what may be a wave of the future. Here are a couple of examples of what looks like a new wave of collaborative activity.
In one notable instance, AI email app ZERO ( ... (full story)

Discussing ransomware updates

Ransomware has been in the news a bit lately, so let’s see what’s going on.
To review, ransomware takes over and encrypts a computer system. The system can’t get back online until the ransomware is paid and the holder of the encryption key releases the data back to the owner. Either that, or the owner has create ... (full story)

Document collaboration with word processing you already have

Sure, practice management platforms like Clio, Abacus, etc. offer document collaboration. But most small firms and solos don’t want to pay for those platforms.
There are also stand-alone doc collaboration products, some of which are even free.
But there is no reason to download third-party document collaboration apps wh ... (full story)

What hackers do once inside an attorney’s computer system

We’ve talked a lot about how to prevent hackers from entering your system and what to do once they have—including various ethical considerations.
But, as an excellent Law Practice Today article points out, hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in not only how they access systems, but in what they do once they ... (full story)