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Law office cybersecurity slowly improving

The 2019 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report shows that the industry is making small, slow strides in protecting itself and its clients’ confidential information from hackers and other bad computer actors. It isn’t much improvement, but a little bit might go a long way.
The survey was taken throughout all sectors of t ... (full story)

IEEE to develop legal AI standards

Nice to see the powers that be have the same view of legal AI that I do.
The legal AI landscape is the “Wild West,” and requires standardization, according to Nicolas Economou, chair of the Law Committee of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. IEEE is the Institute of Elect ... (full story)

SCOTUS to hear legal text copyright case this term

It is axiomatic that laws and court decisions belong to the people and are therefore not subject to copyright.
Or is it? But about annotated statutes? Is the annotation subject to copyright by the state, or by a publisher contracted by the state? The US Supreme Court will be deciding that issue in Georgia, et. al. v. Public.Res ... (full story)

The legal ethics of disaster recovery

Disaster recovery planning is a pain. Back up everything. Have off-site servers. Make communications and financial plans in case of a disaster.
We’ve discussed it a few times in this column through the years, but I always get the feeling that most lawyers file it under “yeah, I need to do that,” and that’ ... (full story)

Legal robot use case

A couple of months ago, we covered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the law office. Probably nobody who read that column immediately decided to hop on board the legal RPA train at that moment.
Well, there may now be a path for the adventurous among you to do so.
Again, an RPA is a little robot that automates desktop tasks. ... (full story)