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USDA petitioned to include poultry in humane slaughter law

USDA petitioned to include poultry in humane slaughter law

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — As Americans prepare to consume some 45 million turkeys on Thanksgiving, an animal rights group asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday to require more humane treatment for turkeys, chicken and other poultry as the birds are sent to slaughter.
California-based Mercy For Animals filed a ... (full story)

Retirement planning should include long-term care costs

Retirement planning should include long-term care costs

NEW YORK (AP) — Many Americans have a blind spot when it comes to retirement planning: long-term care costs. Even though the majority of Americans will at some point need long-term care, few are planning for it. Many underestimate the costs and mistakenly believe health insurance can help cover it.
"This is not like be ... (full story)

Despite health care costs, workforce issues, Ohio business leaders optimistic

The cost of health care keeps some business leaders in central Ohio up at night.
Twenty percent of 115 central Ohio businesses polled said the cost of health care was their top concerned, according to the Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation's Prosperity Pulse survey for the third quarter.
The second top concern was wo ... (full story)

Illinois municipals and INST

Dear Mr. Berko: What do you think of buying $50,000 worth of the recently issued 3.75 percent Illinois general obligation bonds due in 2028? And please tell me about Instructure. If you approve, then I'll buy 1,000 shares. -- RS, Akron, Ohio
Dear RS: If you understand and can afford the risks, then buy the general obligation bond ... (full story)

Don't lower the bar

Dear Mr. Berko: California wants to lower the minimum score needed to pass the bar exam. Passing scores on the ACT and the SAT have been lowered. Dayton, Ohio, lowered its requirements for the police exam. Colleges give courses online. States let applicants take physician licensing exams in Spanish. Banks make auto and home loans to ... (full story)