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Alkermes and IBM's Quantum Computing

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker wants me to sell my 100 shares of IBM -- which I bought in 2012 at $201 a share, meaning I now have a big loss. He wants me to buy 300 shares of Alkermes, which he thinks will double in a year because several of its drugs may be purchased by Johnson & Johnson. But I'm told that IBM is involved in q ... (full story)

Boomers are transforming retirement to suit their lifestyles

It's no surprise that baby boomers are transforming retirement communities just as they left their collective mark on all other cultural touchstones.
Technology, independence, education and health are just a few of the items seniors expect to figure largely into their lives during their golden years, according to a recent web rev ... (full story)

Retirement communities can offer luxury living, easy access to amenities

No matter the side of town one calls home, Spectrum Retirement Communities has an option for seniors who want to remain close to home and spend their golden years near friends and family.
Spectrum, a relative newcomer to the Columbus market having built its first communities here beginning in 2015, is a leading developer, owner a ... (full story)

More opportunities than ever for seniors looking for exercise

Baby boomers ushered in the fitness craze four decades ago - heck, Nike was started by boomer Phil Knight and fellow boomers Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons helped spark workout video popularity - so it's not surprising that staying physically active is a priority for retirees these days.
And there is no shortage of options for th ... (full story)

The Mighty Amazon

Dear Mr. Berko: Amazon.com is getting bigger and bigger, and it is using its huge cash position to buy everything that looks as if it can make money. The purchase of Whole Foods Market and other potential food merchants could really hurt the grocery business because Amazon can sell at lower prices than the competition. In the past t ... (full story)