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Century-old shipwreck found in Lake Erie, 8 died in sinking

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The wreckage of a steamer that sank in Lake Erie over a century ago and eluded shipwreck hunters for decades has finally been found off the Ohio shore, according to the National Museum of the Great Lakes .
The steam barge, called the Margaret Olwill, was loaded with limestone and bound for Cleveland when ... (full story)

MasterCard and consumer debt

Dear Mr. Berko: My brother, who does well in the stock market, told me to buy 100 shares of MasterCard. He thinks that President Donald Trump's economic policies and infrastructure spending will grow corporate earnings and give more people jobs and many people higher-paying jobs. He says that these people will spend their money rath ... (full story)

Childhood hobby leads to a business opportunity

As a child growing up in West Akron, Mary Hospodarsky baked cookies with her younger sister.
“My mom taught us how to bake and it was a fun hobby,” said Hospodarsky.
She said back then she never imagined that one day she would use those skills to open a business, but that’s exactly what she did, starting Swe ... (full story)

JobsOhio report: Big increase in new jobs, capital investments mark busy 2017 for Ohio businesses

Ohio's private economic development arm has touted its results from last year - JobsOhio worked on 272 projects with regional and local partners that committed to create 22,788 new jobs, $1.1 billion in new payroll and $9.6 billion in new capital investments in the state, according to the corporation's annual report.
New jobs wer ... (full story)

Down market

Dear Mr. Berko: What's your opinion of the current stock market? Why has the market collapsed so much the past month? Some investors blame President Donald Trump's appointment of hawkish Jay Powell, Marvin Goodfriend and Loretta Mester to guide the Federal Reserve. Others say that 2018 will be good for the economy. Others predict a ... (full story)