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Apps help travelers keep up fitness routines

Creating and sticking to a fitness routine while traveling is difficult - trying to use the hotel gym, run on the beach or searching for a safe jogging route isn't always easy.
However, it can be simple with the help of a fitness app to help make travel exercising easy and worry-free.
Some fitness apps connect users to a commu ... (full story)

Some stocks with high yields

Dear Mr. Berko: I have $63,000 to invest in five high-yield stocks that you think have good long-term potential. Please don't recommend any closed-end funds or exchange-traded funds, which seem to be the only things, along with annuities and mutual funds, that stockbrokers recommend today. By the way, why is that? -- WO, Vancouver, ... (full story)

5 ways modern print technology can help your business

In the never-ending quest to run the most efficient office possible, many executives overlook a certain bulky citizen that exists in varying numbers in almost every office anywhere: the printer.
If you've relegated your printer to back-burner status, then you might want to go back for a fresh look because there have been two imp ... (full story)

Survey shows most small businesses lack succession plans

Three in five small businesses do not have a business succession plan in place, according to Nationwide's latest Small Business Survey.
"Business owners function at such a rapid pace to remain competitive, it's no wonder that developing their exit plan and replacement doesn't seem like today's priority," said Kirt Walke ... (full story)

Goodyear to pay $1.75M after 4 deaths at Virginia factory

Goodyear to pay $1.75M after 4 deaths at Virginia factory

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Goodyear will pay $1.75 million to settle workplace health and safety violations at its Danville, Virginia, tire plant where four workers died on the job over the course of a year, officials announced Friday.
Goodyear, the United Steelworkers and the state Department of Labor and Industry reached a sett ... (full story)