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Qatar will pull out of OPEC amid tension with Saudi Arabia

Qatar will pull out of OPEC amid tension with Saudi Arabia

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The tiny, energy-rich Arab nation of Qatar announced on Monday it will withdraw from OPEC in January, mixing its aspirations to increase production outside of the cartel's constraints with the politics of slighting the Saudi-dominated group amid the kingdom's boycott of Doha.
The surprise ... (full story)

Three central Ohio cities agree to be testing grounds for autonomous cars

Three central Ohio communities are welcoming the testing of self-driving cars and related technologies.
Columbus, Dublin and Marysville have signed agreements with DriveOhio, the state's smart mobility center, to test autonomous and connected vehicles along with other smart mobility infrastructure.
"Companies that create ... (full story)

Ohio man's blog showcases oddities for sale on web

COLUMBUS (AP) — From ketchup for canines to booze-hiding tampons, the internet is stocked with items so over-the-top that they seem thought up in dreams — or perhaps nightmares.
Since April 2012, Drew Fairweather has faithfully documented the weirdest (hamster wheel for dogs), grossest (White Castle scented candle) an ... (full story)

Forever stocks

Dear Mr. Berko: I'd like to thank you. We used the pro bono lawyer you recommended in 2012. It took a long time to settle, but he got our 16-year-old son more than we expected -- about $140,000 -- and our only cost was his firm's expenses, about $17,000. How could he have afforded to do this?
Could you please help us again and ad ... (full story)

College education not worth it

Dear Mr. Berko: My husband and I are in our 30s and make about $87,000 a year. We have a 10-year-old son, and we want him to go to college and become a doctor and make a good living. We're told a bachelor's degree will cost at least $125,000 in 2027. That's terrible. What can we do? Our son isn't brilliant. He works hard but gets B' ... (full story)