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Tortious interference claim can proceed over advice to breach noncompete

Can an attorney who advises an employee to breach a non-compete be sued by the employer for tortious interference with contract? The answer may be yes, at least according to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, which recently refused to dismiss such claim against the attorney defendants in Pinnacle Surety Se ... (full story)

Book examines how We the People became We the Corporation

The U.S. Constitution does not use the word “corporation.” Nothing in our governmental framework “explicitly recognizes corporations or grants them individual rights.” However, culminating with the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby cases, the U.S. Supreme Court has expanded the rights of corporations as people ... (full story)

Domestic Violence Court receives Supreme Court certification

AKRON––Summit County Common Pleas Judge Paul Gallagher’s Domestic Violence Court has earned final re-certification from the Ohio Supreme Court’s Commission on Specialized Dockets.
Specialized court dockets are dedicated to offenders charged with specific types of offenses that use a combination of holding ... (full story)

Akron Muni Court program earns grant funding

AKRON––Valor Court, a specialized docket of the Akron Municipal Court, recently earned a $6,900 grant through Operation Legal Help Ohio - Ohio Military/Veterans Legal Assistance.
Grant dollars will go toward transportation needs of those served through Valor Court. Bus passes and gas cards will be purchased and given ... (full story)

Medina County father-son casino gaming convictions affirmed

A Medina County trial court erred by ordering cash seized in an illegal gambling case when the evidence failed to establish the property was associated with the alleged operation of a casino gaming operation.
However, the 9th District Court of Appeals affirmed the gambling-related convictions of Adam Syed and his father, Azeem Sy ... (full story)


Lawsuit leads to revelations about David Copperfield's act

Lawsuit leads to revelations about David Copperfield's act

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Jurors got a rare behind-the-scenes look at a David Copperfield disappearing act last week during testimony in a negligence lawsuit involving a British man who claims he was badly hurt when he fell while participating in a 2013 Las Vegas show.
The magician's friend and executive producer, Chris Kenner, reve ... (full story)


Mountain biking drills

Okay, you’re finally ready to get out on the trails with that fancy new mountain biking rig you bought over the winter…BUT…deep down you’re pretty concerned your skill level is way less prepared than your fitness level. And if there’s one thing in mountain biking that can really nip a rider in the but ... (full story)

The MVP votes are due, and let the annual debate begin

The MVP votes are due, and let the annual debate begin

The argument happens most every year. Who is the NBA MVP?
LeBron James has been the best player for most of his 15 years in the league, and he's won the award only four times. Russell Westbrook won it last year, buoyed by averaging a triple-double, yet seems to not even be in the conversation this season with very similar numbers ... (full story)

Sherpa guide tries to reach top of the world for 22nd time

Sherpa guide tries to reach top of the world for 22nd time

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Three men have climbed to the top of the world 21 times, all of them mountain guides who grew up in the shadow of Mount Everest. Two of these famed Sherpa guides have retired. But 48-year-old Kami Rita says he'll be summiting Everest for years to come.
"My goal is to reach the summit of Everest ... (full story)


Statewide dispute over traffic cameras continues

The state and the city of Toledo are at odds again in the ongoing clash between the Ohio legislature and municipalities about traffic camera systems that can record drivers who run red lights or speed.
This week, the Ohio Supreme Court will hear an appeal submitted by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office stemming from legisla ... (full story)