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More opportunities than ever for seniors looking for exercise

Baby boomers ushered in the fitness craze four decades ago - heck, Nike was started by boomer Phil Knight and fellow boomers Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons helped spark workout video popularity - so it's not surprising that staying physically active is a priority for retirees these days.
And there is no shortage of options for th ... (full story)

Alkermes and IBM's Quantum Computing

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker wants me to sell my 100 shares of IBM -- which I bought in 2012 at $201 a share, meaning I now have a big loss. He wants me to buy 300 shares of Alkermes, which he thinks will double in a year because several of its drugs may be purchased by Johnson & Johnson. But I'm told that IBM is involved in q ... (full story)

Retirement communities can offer luxury living, easy access to amenities

No matter the side of town one calls home, Spectrum Retirement Communities has an option for seniors who want to remain close to home and spend their golden years near friends and family.
Spectrum, a relative newcomer to the Columbus market having built its first communities here beginning in 2015, is a leading developer, owner a ... (full story)

Boomers are transforming retirement to suit their lifestyles

It's no surprise that baby boomers are transforming retirement communities just as they left their collective mark on all other cultural touchstones.
Technology, independence, education and health are just a few of the items seniors expect to figure largely into their lives during their golden years, according to a recent web rev ... (full story)


Going head to head with a narcissist during a divorce proceeding

Going through a divorce is often an emotionally and financially challenging experience regardless of the circumstances. However, navigating the divorce process with a spouse who has a narcissistic personality makes the process even more difficult. Fortunately, there are strategies to help ameliorate the stress and challenges clients ... (full story)


2 Ohio abortion providers quietly close doors in past month

COLUMBUS (AP) — One of Ohio's nine remaining full-service abortion clinics and a second facility providing medication-only abortions have quietly closed in the past month.
Anti-abortion groups last week publicized the closures of the full-service Akron Women's Medical Group and the Cleveland Women's Medical Group, which pro ... (full story)

Stalled bill seeks to license roofers

A measure that seeks to license commercial roofers just as commercial plumbers, HVAC specialists and electricians are licensed has made little progress in the Ohio House of Representatives committee to which it was referred May 1.
The sole sponsor of House Bill 164, Republican Rep. Tom Patton of Strongsville, told members of the ... (full story)

Ohio's aspiring marijuana growers: A closer look

Ohio's aspiring marijuana growers: A closer look

CLEVELAND (AP) — Long-time natives and carpetbaggers. Construction magnates, toy tycoons, an Olympian and an heir to the Jim Bean whiskey fortune.
These are some of investors vying to win approval to grow medical marijuana in Ohio. The state accepted 185 applications in June and now has to decide who gets the 24 cultivator ... (full story)

Youth garden seeks to educate inner city children on gardens

Youth garden seeks to educate inner city children on gardens

COLUMBUS (AP) — After plucking a pair of leafy beets from the Hilltop Youth Garden, Diamond Demmons tried a slice of beet along with a carrot. The 9-year-old licked the beet as she held the small carrot in her other hand.
Asked if she liked the beet, she quietly said yes. Asked if it tasted like the carrot, she softly said, ... (full story)