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Second chance: Indians' Kipnis swinging after rocky '17

Second chance: Indians' Kipnis swinging after rocky '17

GOODYEAR, Ariz. (AP) — Jason Kipnis was warned the day would come when his body betrayed him.
Early in his major league career, veterans warned Kipnis the bruises would take longer to heal and those late nights would be harder to shake in the early mornings.
That time has arrived.
"When you're 24, the excitement, ... (full story)

Arizona coach may have recourse for ESPN recruiting report

On Thursday, March 1, University of Arizona head coach Sean Miller held a news conference where he adamantly denied an ESPN report that he discussed a $100,000 payment to land Deandre Ayton, a highly sought-after recruit in 2016.
Miller denied violating NCAA rules during his tenure with Arizona, stating he has “never paid a ... (full story)

Logtown climbing

Just southeast of Akron-Cleveland, in the small town of Lisbon, lies a wonderful little sandstone quarry that still remains relatively unknown to many North coast rock climbers.
Now first of all, before I rave on about this local enigma, keep in mind that we live in northeast Ohio, not West Virginia, not New York, not New Hampsh ... (full story)

Shaq Moore _ the young American trying to make it in Europe

Shaq Moore _ the young American trying to make it in Europe

VALENCIA, Spain (AP) — Shaq Moore knew he was well-adapted to life in Europe when he went home to the United States and felt strange that his family wanted to have dinner so early.
"It's crazy, I feel like I'm Spanish now because they eat dinner so late," the young American soccer player said. "I end up eatin ... (full story)

Pull up vs. bench press

Funny how the bench press is so often thought of as the barometer of upper body brawn. Heck, it’s even viewed as the definition of raw physical strength. Definitely the penultimate “glam” exercise of gyms, studios, and fitness facilities, the bench press just seems to exude vigor, force and toughness.
Truth b ... (full story)