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Sudan's women pursue soccer dream, challenging conservatives

<span style=Sudan's women pursue soccer dream, challenging conservatives" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

OMDURMAN, Sudan (AP) — All her life, Elham Balatone wanted to play soccer — like her brothers, like the boys on her street. But in the Sudan where she grew up, women could be flogged for wearing pants, let alone soccer shorts. She heard all the reasons why she had to give up her dream. It's a Muslim country; the uniform ... (full story)

Taking your workout on the road

Ever run into the dilemma where you’re on the road for work or pleasure, and you’re staying at a place that just doesn’t have anything in the way of workout equipment?
And to make matters worse, you’ve been working your butt off to stay in shape, you’ve been dialed into a great routine, and you&rsq ... (full story)

Meet Akron’s professional basketball team

The Akron Aviators––Akron’s professional basketball––is in the middle of its third season in the American Basketball Association.
Team founder and owner Brian “Essince” Collins said he is proud of the success of the team and its relationship with the community.
“The ABA empha ... (full story)

UA claims 2nd consecutive nat’l esports championship

The University of Akron recently defeated the University of North Texas 5-0 to cap an undefeated Rocket League season with their second straight championship.
The “Gold” team, consisting of students Tristan Roberts, Buzz Krager (“Buzz” is his given name), and Isaac Stecker, went 20-0 for the regular seas ... (full story)

Newbie treadmill workouts

If you’ re relatively new to the sport of running, then you could very well encounter a conundrum this winter when side streets, sidewalks, trails and high school tracks suddenly get covered with snow and ice.
Do you run against traffic on slush-clogged main thoroughfares? Do you find a good indoor track? Do you switch to ... (full story)