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Raynaud’s Symdrome

I can’t recall exactly the first time I started experiencing those unusual numb spells in my fingers, but it most definitely occurred when I was cycling really hard - and in the summer no less. In cold weather the issue was even more pronounced.
That was decades ago and I just kind of brushed it off for a while, thinking ... (full story)

Former Ohio State jump roper develops measurement system for competitions

Ohio State alumna Tori Boggs has quite the resume as a professional jump rope performer.
Boggs, who has jumped rope competitively since was five years old, has nearly 30 world titles, 20 world records and multiple media appearances, including on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Boggs' latest efforts in the jump rope world are more ... (full story)

AP source: Browns part ways with execs Wolf, Highsmith

<span style=AP source: Browns part ways with execs Wolf, Highsmith" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

CLEVELAND (AP) — Andrew Berry has quickly gotten to work on restructuring the Browns. In a drastic way.
A day after Berry was officially hired as Cleveland's new general manager, the team parted ways with assistant general manager Eliot Wolf and vice president of player personnel Alonzo Highsmith, a person familiar with th ... (full story)

The warm up Part 2

Last week I talked about both the physiological and performance benefits of warming up prior to your exercise activity and/or sporting event. And I concluded by suggesting dynamic warm-ups as the means with which to begin those workouts. Dynamic warm-ups better prepare the body for the demands of training and competition when compar ... (full story)

Where does Astros cheating rank in scandals? Ask Pete Rose

<span style=Where does Astros cheating rank in scandals? Ask Pete Rose" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Pete Rose was taking a break from signing autographs at the MGM Grand hotel when asked a question he's uniquely qualified to address.
What's worse, betting on baseball or cheating at baseball?
"I don't know,'' Rose tells The Associated Press. "All I know is I've been suspended for 30 years no ... (full story)