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Column: Warriors need another title for true greatness

Legacies are all about championships.
Just ask the Atlanta Braves.
Or the Buffalo Bills.
While the Golden State Warriors may be on the greatest three-year run in NBA history — at least during the regular season — they need another title to solidify their place as one of the best teams ever.
Sorry, one champio ... (full story)

Fitness and health

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard people comment on this person or that being in “the greatest shape ever,” seemingly an epitome of a super healthy individual,” this simply because of the individual’s rigorous workout routine.
Yet every picture does not always tell the real story, for bein ... (full story)

Rubber match: Cavaliers to wear Goodyear logo on jerseys

CLEVELAND (AP) — The Cavaliers are teaming up with another Akron icon.
Linked by geography and superstar LeBron James, the defending NBA champions last Monday announced a three-year sponsorship deal with Goodyear. The Cavaliers will wear the tire giant's winged-foot logo on the fronts of their jerseys starting next season.< ... (full story)

Despite high mileage, James showing no signs of slowing down

Despite high mileage, James showing no signs of slowing down

TORONTO (AP) — In his playoff rematch with the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James proved even more lethal than last time.
In fact, James may be more lethal now than ever.
James averaged 26 points per game as Cleveland took down Toronto to win last year's Eastern Conference Finals in six games. This year, James is averaging 34 ... (full story)

Earbud purgatory

Some of you are not going to like this. So minus any preambles or hesitations I’m going to take a whack at the hornet’s nest. I detest ear buds.
Earbud use currently transcends race, creed, color, age and political affiliation. Earbuds are worn everywhere, in any situation, at any time. Yet despite they’re univ ... (full story)