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Three interesting products, Spring 2020

Technology for Lawyers

Published: June 12, 2020

Here are three products worth looking into that I have never written about before.
LawFundAR: a simple app that gets you paid.
Back in the day when I was a solo divorce lawyer in downtown Cleveland, billing and getting paid drove me crazy. If you’re a solo or small practice, it drives you nuts, too.
Enter LawFundAR (https://lawfundar.com/) which treats ordinary client billing like a pre-settlement funding vehicle. The company pays a lawyer the agreed-upon client fee, and then sets up collecting that fee from the client. This eliminates the average 83-day waiting period between billing and collection. Clients can choose to pay LawFundAR back in 3,6,9 or 12 monthly installments at rates that are 8-10 percent of what credit cards charge (currently below 4 percent). Using the platform has historically reduced firm receivables by as much as a third a year.
Your Firm App (https://yourfirmapp.com/) is a mobile app that is designed to communicate case information and drive conversations with clients. It comes in native Android and iPhone platforms, providing a full range of communication between lawyer and client solely through the client’s phone. It is perfect for distance communications with clients. It integrates with existing practice management platforms and can be individually designed and branded (individual branding is a hot topic right now). Clients view scheduled events and have their calendars communicated with them. They can securely message directly with their lawyer. They can scan, upload and sign documents. They can view and complete tasks assigned by the attorney through the app. And clients can view and pay bills directly through the app. Pricing: there is a development fee for creating the branded app of between $1800 and 2500, and then a yearly fee of $495.
Pandadoc (https://www.pandadoc.com/ is a lightweight remote document and workflow collaborator designed for sales teams but which is being applied to the law office these days. Pandadoc sells speed in document creation. It features automatic notifications, on-the-fly editing, and integrated e-signatures. It has contract creation templates and quick payment capabilities. It integrates with most CRMs. Pricing: e-signing is free. Single users are under $10 per month, and the price expands as the number of users expand.