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How to make Facebook not so bad

Technology for Lawyers

Published: August 16, 2019

Well, no you really can’t, but at least you can take these tips on making Facebook more private.

Of course, if your law office’s only website is Facebook, you may not be able to do most of these, but Fast Company recommends that you definitely take these privacy steps for your personal pages.

One. Look closely at your friends list and trim it back to people you are actually friends with by unfriending everyone else. People are not notified when they are “unfriended.” Then restrict who can see your posts to them. This can keep the next iteration of Cambridge Analytica from stealing your contact info and that of your own contacts and selling that to the Russians.

Also only accept friend requests from people you actually know. Do not give FB access to your contacts.

For more info on this, go here: https://www.aclu.org/blog/privacy-technology/internet-privacy/facebook-tracking-me-even-though-im-not-facebook.

Two. You do need two-factor identification, so turn it on, but DO NOT hand over your phone number to FB for that (or anything). There are other ways to do 2FA, including good smartphone apps to do it.

Don’t post your phone number on your FB page, unless, again, it is your biz page. If you’ve already done that, delete it. While you’re at it, scrub all personal info from your site except the bare minimum necessary to have an account.

Next. Run tracker blockers. A few of them work on Facebook but run two or three of them simultaneously to get the best coverage. Try out Privacy Badger, Ghostery, Disconnect, AdBlock plus, and uBlock.

Fourth. Check all authorized devices. FB (and Googler) always ask if you’ve authorized the use of an unfamiliar device. Respond. Also check in security and login in settings to see if any other devices have signed into your account.

Five. Turn off and wipe location tracking. On Facebook and Google Maps.

Six. Do not use/ turn off face recognition and do whatever you can do to help make it illegal. Not kidding.

Seven. You can encrypt messenger. Do it, particularly on your firm page.

Finally, do not use third party apps or play third party games. This is not a game.

For more tips and instructions, go here: https://www.fastcompany.com/90368822/these-11-facebook-privacy-tweaks-put-you-back-in-control