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ABA lists 2016’s top blawgs

Technology for Lawyers

Published: February 24, 2017

The ABA tracks about 4,000 legal blogs, or “blawgs,” and puts out a list of the best of them every year.

Here are a few of those. I can’t provide links, so you’ll have to google them.

First, an interesting note. Only two of these are actually posted within a law firm’s website. The rest are independent of a specific firm. If ya wanna blawg, you may want to note that fact.

First, blawgs relevant to law students (hi UA law!):

Before the Law is the ABA’s law student blawg.

Best Practices for Legal Education is written by law professors, so you can read this and psych them.

Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports talks about trends in legal education.

Constitutional Law Prof Blog if you’re taking Con Law.

Defrosting Cold Cases if you’re interested in justice.

The Gen Why Lawyer. A millennial speaks about law practice.

Jotwell. Legal scholars yakking away with one another.

LawProse. How to write proper legalese. Answers to your questions. Go there now.

Law School Café. From Ohio State. Your life.

Socially Aware. Discussions of the impact of social media on the law.

Prawfsblawg. More communicatin’ law professors.

The Legal Whiteboard. Law school number crunching, from admissions to employment.

Next, “others”. This is not an exhaustive list—just some sites that might be of interest.

The White Bronco. Sports law up to the minute.

Space Thoughts. Space law. Aerospace law. Laws about going from down here to up there.

Sidebars. White collar crime, up to date.

Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(B)log contains, apparently, an endless list of trademark violations and false advertising claims.

Presnell on Privileges. Attorney-client privilege cases from around the country.

The Law for Lawyers Today focuses on legal ethics.

Persuasive Litigator is a blog from a company that specializes in jury psychology. Of interest to litigators.

Marler Blog. Food poisoning cases. Yummy.

The Legal Geeks. Comics culture meets the law. You know who you are.

The Lawyer Whisperer. Legal career strategy.

Lawfare. The law and national security.

Dashboard Insights. Law developing in the merger of technology and driving. Definitely cutting edge stuff.

That was a taste. The entire Top 100 blawg list is here: http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/10th_annual_blawg_100