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CASEpeer—dedicated PI, MedMal practice management

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Published: July 28, 2017

There is a new practice management system for personal injury attorneys called CASEpeer (http://casepeer.com) that is getting pretty good reviews. It looks like it might be useful for smaller firms to get a handle on their PI work, so let’s take a look.

Until a program like this came along, attorneys had to try to adapt a generalized case management system to personal injury cases, with their unique needs. Not any more.

Cloud- based (SaaS) CASEpeer was developed specifically for PI and medical malpractice practice, unlike a more generalized practice management system, so it has a unique set of features dedicated to the needs of those cases.

PI cases have endless streams of data constantly interfacing with one another—from witness statements, to depos, to photos, to accident reports, insurers, client communications, etc., etc.

The user-friendly front page of CASEpeer acts as a compendium of and gateway to these stacks of data, laid out in an intuitive format that even includes a photo of the client. To begin the process of transferring a firm’s caseload to this system, the company works with the law firm to help develop personalized Word templates and to upload data. CASEpeer holds all of the cases’ data in the cloud.

The layout is divided into two tabbed segments related to execution and management, and includes pre-made task lists.

In the action section, there is a medical treatment tab to hold all those details, including records, bills, providers, etc. Entering provider information creates a provider database, which can be used in subsequent cases. The settlement tab holds sections for demands and settlement worksheets, as well as reimbursements.

The management tabs keep track of the flow of the case. Tasks can be tracked and delegated, expenses tracked and managed, and case-level and firm-wide reports run. There is also a lead tracker and a number of other features.

For what it is, CASEpeer seems very reasonably priced, and aimed at small and solo practices: $55/ user/month for 1-3 attorneys; $70/user/month for 4-9; and $85/user/month above that. A demo is available on the website, and phone consultations are available.