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Zero: Mobile email for attorneys

Technology for Lawyers

Published: March 2, 2018

Every once in a while, a new product comes along that may single-handedly make lawyers’ lives better and easier. At first glance, the new mobile email client Zero may be this revolutionary product.

More and more, people are accessing email from mobile devices on the go. But there hasn’t been an email solution that can give attorneys what they need from their mobile devices. Until now.

Zero (https://www.zeroapp.ai) is the first ground-up email client whose AI is built for lawyers. In fact, it may be the first email client built around AI. It has features designed around what lawyers need to live a mobile life, from billing and document handling to security. As in any AI, Zero starts “smart” and then learns from your behavior how to work with you in the best ways for your needs.

First, the security. The client, and its AI program, lives on your mobile device. So as long as you are in possession of the device and/or have it properly pass coded, it can’t be hacked. This is completely different from most cloud-based email clients, which can be gotten to (as we all know by now).

Billing. How many minutes (which add up to hours) of mobile email time are lawyers not tracking or trying to reconstruct once they get back to the office? Well, Zero tracks all that and automatically creates a complete billing statement.

Inbox categories are lawyer-centric, and can be pegged to urgency, matter, need for immediate reply, and more.

It integrates into iManage and NetDocuments Document Management Services, creating a predictive filing that suggests where to place an email. End of the day email filing can be accomplished in minutes.

Zero’s predictive filing sorts emails into a sliding scale of importance, and can tell you what emails require an immediate response. It can also tell you what emails not to send (like when you accidently hit “reply all”). Very helpful.

And (best part) the user interface is intuitive, fast and friendly and requires almost no training.

I haven’t been able to find pricing on this product, but a free demo is available on the website. Looks like the next step in clarity to me.