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GDPR compliance documents with a click

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Published: April 20, 2018

Doing business in Europe? Want to save a million bucks?

The General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect in Europe on May 25. If you recall, the GDPR is a very tight new privacy regulation that will be in effect throughout the entire European Union, including Britain.

Any lawyer or any other party that wants to do business with any EU country after that date has to comply with this new law.

According to a compliance lawyer, “you have to generate a mind numbingly complex set of compliance documents, and then you need to put all those policies and procedures in place.”

Problem? Full compliance requires filing a sheaf of documents. Very few law firms have the kind of expertise to handle this, and outside counsel can cost upwards of a million to ten million dollars to comply.

That leaves small firms that want to do business in Europe at a distinct disadvantage, as compliant will run a minimum of six figures even for small and solo practices.

And (drum roll) here comes a solution.

It is called GDPR IQ (http://www.gdpriq.com), and it posts all of the compliance documents an attorney needs for the firm or clients’ compliance needs.

The forms were created by the Utah law firm Parsons Behle and reviewed by attorneys in the EU.

GDPR IQ is basically a document creation app that works like TurboTax. The user signs into a dashboard, and then answers a series of questions. Viola! At the end of the questions, the app spits out a complete and accurate set of GDPR-compliant documents in Word.

The program uses the information for one answer to fill in the blanks for all forms requiring that answer, so no question needs to be answered more than once.

Depending on the size of the business, the process should take anywhere from several hours to a day or so—way less time than a collage of attorneys would take.

The user only gets charged when the docs are printed out—you can go through the whole process for free. The entire document set is $10,000; a policies and procedures document is half that. Some non-profits are free or at a reduced rate.

The app also has a list of trusted EU compliance attorneys.

If you or your client is doing business with the EU, you should check this out

Thanks to the great Robert Ambrogi for finding this new program.