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Akron company has GDPR compliance tool

Legal News Reporter

Published: May 11, 2018

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is live as of May 25. In this third column on these regs, we look at an Akron company that seems positioned to make a huge splash in helping companies conform to these new data privacy laws.

Remember—failure to conform to the GDPR can result in company-killing fines. The EU has the right to demand an audit of any company under these regs at any time. The problem is producing an understandable, simple audit that satisfies all of the requirements of the GDPR across multiple systems in multiple locations.

A GDPR audit can happen at any time to any company. There is no ongoing certification of compliance—any company can be audited at any time into the future. Companies likely need to create—or have created—separate GDPR compliance departments. But at this point, compliance audits are going to be extremely labor-intensive and may have huge gaps.

Enter Mesh Integration to help automate those audit processes and squeeze those gaps shut.

Akron’s Mesh Integration (https://www.meshintegration.com) has developed a tool that simplifies, encrypts and in some cases automates a company’s GDPR audit. The tool is based on a proprietary platform that Mesh has exclusive US rights to, said Mesh Executive VP John Covender.

GDPR demands that the entire integrated constellation of business systems be thoroughly and understandably documented and that their interconnections and shared data be explicitly identified and catalogued. Furthermore, the relationships, uses of data and interconnections must also be presented and displayed in a way that clearly and simply relates them to the associated GDPR article.

The Mesh tool accomplishes all of these requirements, said Covender. It also completely integrates in real time with every company system and can create a text and visualized report of a company’s compliance that is up-to-date to the second. The reports are in easily understandable language, one of the requirements of a GDPR audit.

Mesh also offers a GDPR-compliant secure data vault that encrypts every bit of data with a unique individual token, making it as secure as data storage can be made.

Personally, I think these guys are onto something. So do they—they are planning a hiring blitz. Check them out.