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Kurent: Solo and small firm time tracking and billing

Technology for Lawyers

Published: August 31, 2018

Kurent (www.kurent.com) is a cloud service that tracks time bills accordingly, tracks all of your accounts and integrates with LawPay to get you paid, all for less than $30 per user per month.

It basically helps coordinate all of the paperwork needed to get from the creation of the work product to billing, getting paid and tracking accounts in one place. Kurent seems like sort of a virtual bookkeeper for lawyers who can’t afford a live one.


First of all, Kurent offers free data transfer from whatever billing app you’re using now, and live customer support to help with whatever burps in the process will (always) occur.

The app interfaces with QuickBooks Online for the back office, and with LawPay to get paid online. Since it also bills online, everything from tracking time to billing to tracking firm accounts is done with a few clicks, including what looks like one-click billing.

Kurent has a consumer-friendly interface dashboard. Plus the sample dashboard on the website has Star Trek references, so you’re dealing with cool people, so there is that.

The dashboard tracks each matter separately, and shows all of the recent activity, fees, costs, invoices, receipts, trust balances, and contacts associated with a matter.

Users can start and add to a matter from anywhere in the app. In case you forget to log an activity into a matter, there are buttons that allow you to do that retroactively—a feature I bet you’re going to use more than you think you are.

The QuickBooks connection allows a user to sync contacts, matters and receipts.

Kurent has dozens of billing templates to create professional-looking bills on the spot. This is a bigger deal than a lot of solos think it is, kids. Professional billing makes you look more professional. It helps you get paid.

The product also has trust account tracking, which allows a user to send Trust Requests, track deposits, set a minimum balance, run useful reports, and prevent common trust mistakes like ledger overdrafts. Trust accounts will always be current, compliant, and audit-ready.

Kurent also offers a one-month free trial, so it seems worthwhile to give it a shot.