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Some social media tips

Technology for Lawyers

Published: September 6, 2019

Now that every lawyer and law office has some sort of social media account, or multiples thereof, the whole thing can become pretty overwhelming. You may have one person dedicated to social media programming, but even then, things can get away. Here are a few tips for that person in charge of this mess (probably you).

One—do an inventory of your social media accounts, and then delete the ones that are inactive or no longer serve their purpose. If you’re not monitoring and actively posting on an account, it can only be bad for business if a potential client tries to contact you through it.

Two. Localize your social media accounts (for firms with multiple offices or for attorneys who work in multiple jurisdictions). This is especially true if you have a practice that reaches other countries. Try to be one of them.

Three. When you have all of that under control, make sure that all postings are coordinated to be local, to reflect the same branding, and that are up-to-date and relevant. You don’t want to post outdated, irrelevant or contradictory information, nor do you want to make a post contrary to company policy. You really have to keep a very tight control over social media—it is now likely to be a primary way that potential clients connect with you.

Instagram mistakes and how to correct them.

One—don’t just answer a question and then quit. Actually engage in conversation. Hang out online for at least 30 minutes after you make a post or send out a link to answer questions live so you can engage.

Two—watch those hashtags! Use but don’t abuse. Don’t post too many at once-- that’s confusing. Make sure they relate to your account. Sort through and filter out ones that are overly broad or create more traffic than you can handle. Make sure that they don’t send clients to someone else’s account.

Three—Don’t do too much self-promotion. Instagram users are chill. They don’t want to get battered with cheese. Be funny, snarky, etc. Use links to topical articles or stories, but don’t link to long reads. Pop in, pop out.

Thanks to Good2bsocial for the tips.