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Google rolls out new lead generator

Technology for Lawyers

Published: September 11, 2020

Google has just delivered a new lead generator specifically designed for professional services like attorneys.
It is called Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) and it differs from regular Google advertising in a number of ways. In fact, they are not like Google ads at all, other than that they appear at the top of a search result page. And also they cost per click. But it takes more than just one click to engage this new service.
LSA results come from a search in a geographic area for a particular service—say “divorce attorney.” But rather than a typical search result (like pages of law firm links), an entire lead production service clicks in at that point.
The firm is guaranteed by Google in several ways, so potential clients know that the firm is qualified above and beyond just having a web page. This is a “Google Guarantee.” In some businesses (not law firms) the guarantee comes with a money-back promise.
The LSA service then charges if that separate page produces a lead, up to a monthly maximum.
If someone clicks on a firm’s link, the person is taken to a Google-hosted separate page that has information about the firm, including things like lawyer bios, photos and contact information. The page also has the capability to schedule a booking. The service generates an email to the attorney and a notification from the attendant Google Service app.
Firms who engage this service have to pass several tests which lead to the Google Guarantees. The process is called Google Screening and the firm that passes is designated “Google Screened.” Google Screened professional get a big green check mark on their page.
For attorneys, Google Screening includes verifying a lawyer’s licensure. The firm have to pass a background business-level and business owner background check. The business must have a 3-star or over rating review. The firm must have verified malpractice insurance.
Although this service is not Google Ads, firms are still ranked by several factors, including client rating, responsiveness to client requests and input, physical proximity to the potential client, business hours, complaints received, and other factors.
Interested parties can go here for information: https://ads.google.com/local-services-ads/