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Solo practitioners find and manage new clients with Xira

Technology for Lawyers

Published: December 18, 2020

A new platform out of California can help solo practitioners find, meet with and manage new clients. Xira (https://law.xira.com/), according to the great Bob Ambrogi, “helps lawyers get clients and provides free software to manage them.”
First caveat: Xira does not accommodate multiple users. It is aimed primarily at solo practitioners. It is also not yet widely available. Right now, it only has a presence in California, and is looking to expand to Florida and New York. But it is also taking applicants from anywhere and expects to keep expanding. Worth checking out.
The front end of Xira is a site where potential clients can search for lawyers by using a limiting set of criteria. Filtering options include type of case, budget, hourly rate, billing rate and available meet (Zoom) time.
Results are randomized so that each lawyer meeting the client criteria gets a shot at the top of the list (Google—are you listening?). The client can click through the search result to a complete bio of the lawyer. The platform provides a calendaring function where the lawyer provides available times for the consultation and the client picks one. It also imports Google, Yelp and Avvo reviews and filters for lanhuages spoken and things like free consultations.
Once a client chooses a lawyer, that lawyer is charged $30 for the hook up. That is the only charge.
At that point, Xira provides a simple client management interface that includes scheduling, document sharing and management, billing, messaging, and a calendaring function that synchronizes with the client’s and attorneys Office 365, Google and iCloud calendars. And all of the attorney’s clients can be onboarded to this system, which is cool.
Xira also provides an app that has the same functionality as the main platform.
This is not a full-featured client management system and, again, is not sharable with other attorneys. But for a solo, especially one just starting out, it looks like it can be a real help once it is fully rolled out.
Xira is looking for funding. I don’t give investment advice.