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Virtual legal tech shows rolling out

Technology for Lawyers

Published: January 29, 2021

In pre-pandemic days, the big legal tech shows, while expensive to attend, were a chance to get away, buy or sell new legal tech, meet the leaders in the industry, have a few at the bar, and make new friends.
All of those things now only happen in the home office. No big gatherings. So-- the tech shows are coming to you. Bigger, better, cheaper and lonelier. In fact, the bar tab savings alone can now justify attending one of the upcoming virtual legal tech shows.
The virtual Legalweek (year) will post Feb. 2 through Feb. 4 and be up the whole year. However, registration will end on the 1st.
Legalweek kicks off with keynote addresses by Chris Christie, Stacy Abrams and Joshua Walker. Walker is a Stanford law professor and the author of “On Legal AI.”
There will be five all-encompassing virtual events that will “tackle the changing legal landscape and provide actionable insights to help legal leaders restructure, rebuild and re-invigorate today’s law firms….” I couldn’t tell you what that means. But it looks like a good thing to take a peek at as we all adjust to this new world.
To register for Legalweek, go here: https://www.event.law.com/legalweek/499551. But you need to do that now.
March 8-12, the ABA TECHSHOW onboards, sparing us another February in Chicago. Not that I ever went, anyway.
This year, TECHSHOW will bring us a show app, to start with. Themes will focus on the new reality of virtual law practice. It will feature 17 different tracks, CLE credit and a Startup Alley contest which will feature pitches from 15 different new legal tech companies. Like Shark Tank or something(?).
Presentation tracks will include Ethics, Diversity, Collaboration, Disruptive Innovation, Cybersecurity, Well Being, Leadership, Marketing, Future Proofing and more.
There will be 94 different presentations, almost double last year’s, and rates to attend will be substantially lower. And, of course, it is a lot cheaper that a hotel or Air B&B.
Pricing tops out at $350, and registered law students can attend for free. More information on the ABA TECHSHOW go here: https://www.techshow.com/