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Law firm podcasts part 1

Technology for Lawyers

Published: March 5, 2021

Podcasts are an under appreciated way to get the message out about your practice and to connect to both current and potential clients. This column and the next will give a background and path forward for lawyers to use this very powerful communications platform.
A podcast is “Internet radio on-demand.” The term, which dates to a 2004 Guardian newspaper article by Ben Hammersley, comes from a combination of iPod and broadcast. With that said, podcasts can come in all sorts of flavors—particularly the choice between an audio and video cast.
This column has previously talked about embedding videos on a firm website. A video podcast takes that out to a public platform, so that it can be accessed outside of the firm website.
But most of the time, a podcast is of the audio variety. The listener can access an audio podcast anywhere (at the gym, in a car, etc.) through a smartphone. A video cast takes much more intent and is much more complex to produce.
So for purposes of getting connected with the public for lawyers, we’ll concentrate on audio podcasts.
In the next column, we will go over everything you need to know to put up your own podcasts. For now, take a look at some of these lawyer podcasts to see what they should sound like. These examples come from a “Top 100 lawyer podcasts” list generated by the ABA Journal. They are for attorneys; probably your podcasts will be about your firm for the general public—which we will go over next column. But use these for general information/entertainment and to get used to the concept.
Podcasts aimed at lawyers:
Lawyerist Podcast. Minnesota-based programming for small and solo practitioners. Best in the business.
Lawyer 2 Lawyer. The great legal tech columnist Bob Ambrogi’s podcast, concentrating on opposing views of legal issues. Since 2005.
The Legal Geek podcast. If superheroes were real, what would their legal issues be?
Legal Toolkit. Law office project management. You really cannot get enough of this kind of thing, IMO.
Maximum Lawyer. Lead generation and practice management for small-solo firms.
New Solo. What it sounds like.
Next week: How to do your firm podcast.