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Solicitor shall serve as the Legal
Advisor, Attorney, and Counsel for
the Village of Sebring, all offices,
departments, divisions, boards,
commissions, and bodies of the
Village in connection with Village
affairs. The Solicitor shall be under
the direction of the Village Council
and shall represent the Village in all
proceedings in Court or before any
Administrative Board or Body. The
Solicitor shall be the Prosecuting
Attorney on behalf of the Village and
shall prosecute cases brought before
courts of competent jurisdiction. The
Solicitor will be responsible for the
preparation of all contracts,
agreements, ordinances, resolutions
and other writings to which the
Village is a party to or in which the
Village is concerned. Upon
authorization of the Village Council,
the Solicitor shall defend all actions
against officials and employees of
the Village arising from their
position with the Village. The
Solicitor shall be required to attend
monthly and committee meetings as
set by the Village Council. Desired
Qualifications: Substantial
knowledge and experience in the
interpretation of State Law as it
relates to Village Government.
Substantial knowledge and
experience in the interpretation of
Federal Law. Experience in Contract
Law, Eminent Domain, Interlocal
Agreements and Insurance and
Bond Issuance. Must be a member
of the Ohio State Bar in good
standing. The selected firm/
individual will have to declare that it
will represent the Village of Sebring
to the exclusion of all clients having
a potential conflict of interest with
the Village of Sebring. Interested
parties should submit their Proposal
in a sealed envelope marked: "Village
Solicitor Proposal" to the Village of
Sebring, Attn: Village Council Clerk,
135 East Ohio Avenue, Sebring,
Ohio 44672 by 4:30 pm on
December 31, 2022. Inquiries
regarding this Proposal may be
referred to Jack Haney at (330)-938-
9340. The Village of Sebring is an
Equal Opportunity Employer.