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MLB umpires will have a new view this season -- on Zoom

MLB umpires will have a new view this season -- on Zoom

NEW YORK (AP) — Umpires will have a new view this season: on Zoom.
Major League Baseball struck a deal with Zoom Video Communications Inc. allowing on-field umpires to watch the replay operations center evaluating contested calls.
MLB first adopted instant replay in September 2008 for home boundary calls and expanded i ... (full story)

North Coast Inland Trail

I’d say it’s about time to start doing a little recreational road trip planning. Because as the warm days of spring get closer and closer and cold days of winter drift further and further into the rear view mirror, you never know when we’ll stumble upon a stellar March weekend and then it’s go time.
So h ... (full story)

Mobile sports bets booming in some states as others shy away

The stakes are higher in Ohio this year for March Madness — and not just because it's a regional host for the first round of the men's NCAA basketball tournament.
For the first time, Ohio sports fans can click on a mobile app or tap into kiosks at bars, restaurants or grocery stores and legally bet on the famed tournament. ... (full story)

Ohio Obstacle Course racing

Are you thinking about dabbling in an athletic event that’s a bit on the wild side this year, like an Obstacle Course Race?
Well, if you’re game I’m going to give you a peak at the current 2023 Ohio Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) schedule and I fill you in on the kind of fitness you’re going to need to com ... (full story)

Saudi Arabia's golf case threatens to spill kingdom secrets

Saudi Arabia's golf case threatens to spill kingdom secrets

WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials who oversee Saudi Arabia's tens of billions of dollars in U.S. investments haven't been shy about flaunting their ties with top American business and political figures, down to wearing MAGA caps as they swing golf clubs alongside former President Donald Trump. But they've been silent about many of t ... (full story)