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San Quentin inmates find community through tennis

INSIDE SAN QUENTIN STATE PRISON, Calif. (AP) — Stefan Schneider needed a nickname, or a handle as they call it in prison.
So the inmates quickly began brainstorming for the college tennis player making his first visit to San Quentin.
"Finesse," offered 22-year-old Braydon Tennison.
"Twinkle Toes,&quo ... (full story)

Navigating NFL without an agent remains tricky proposition

Lamar Jackson was still wearing his uniform when he walked into his postgame news conference minutes after the Baltimore Ravens earned a season-opening win over the New York Jets.
He was coming off a three-touchdown game that had provided the bulk of Baltimore's points during its 24-9 victory.
But those weren't the only numb ... (full story)

A glimpse into the future

Sometimes traveling to other places can give you a sneak peek at the trends which could eventually become realities in your own backyard.
Now I say this because if what we glimpsed in Quebec, Canada several weeks ago becomes a trend here in northeast Ohio, well, there’s a very wild and bumpy ride in store for all of us tr ... (full story)

As Roger Federer retires, an appreciation of his career

As Roger Federer retires, an appreciation of his career

Roger Federer never let 'em see him sweat.
He played tennis with a style that only rarely betrayed the effort behind the masterful serving, the rare-in-its-day attacking and the flawless footwork. He was not one to grunt loudly on shots or celebrate wildly after them.
The way he wielded a racket helped him to win, yes, and w ... (full story)

'Arms race': NIL compensation now a potent recruiting weapon

'Arms race': NIL compensation now a potent recruiting weapon

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson remembers the old days of college recruiting.
"You used to talk about graduation rates and majors," Clawson said. "Now the first question is, 'What are you guaranteeing me year one, two, three and four?'"
Clawson isn't necessarily talking about playing time, either. After mo ... (full story)