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A carbon tax on investment income could be more fair and make it less profitable to pollute – a new analysis shows why

(THE CONVERSATION) About 10 years ago, a very thick book written by a French economist became a surprising bestseller. It was called "Capital in the 21st Century." In it, Thomas Piketty traces the history of income and wealth inequality over the past couple of hundred years.
The book's insights struck a chord with peop ... (full story)

Goodbye to the barbershop?

(THE CONVERSATION) With their red, white and blue striped poles, dark Naugahyde chairs and straight razor shaves, barbershops hold a special place in American culture.
But numbers show that barbershops are dwindling. According to census data, from 1992 to 2012 we saw a 23 percent decrease in barbershops in the United States (wit ... (full story)

Do I really need supplemental insurance (Medigap) with Medicare?

About 41% of Original Medicare beneficiaries had Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, in 2021, according to a February 2023 report summarizing enrollment data from AHIP, a national health insurance trade association. For the other 59%, Medicare has some "gaps" that could be costly.
"There are many gaps in Me ... (full story)

Skiplagging: The risky travel hack leading to lawsuits and airline bans

In July 2023, a 17-year-old was questioned and subsequently banned from American Airlines for three years for doing allegedly "skiplagging." His flight was from Gainesville, Florida, to New York City but had a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina, his intended destination.
When the boy went to check in for his flight a ... (full story)

Beneficial owners

Q. What's a "beneficial owner"? -- L.B., Oxford, Mississippi
A. If you're a beneficial owner of, say, a stock, you're entitled to share in its growth or losses and to receive any dividends it pays -- even though it's registered as belonging to another entity, such as your brokerage. These days, most investors indirectl ... (full story)