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Bad pennies

Q. Penny stocks are so cheap -- how can I not get rich when I can buy thousands of shares for just $100 or less? -- H.S., Lake City, Florida
A. Penny stocks -- those trading for around $5 per share or less -- have caused many investors to lose lots of money.
The stocks are usually tied to small, unproven and often unprofita ... (full story)

Independent bookselling expanded again in 2022, with new and diverse stores

Independent bookselling expanded again in 2022, with new and diverse stores

NEW YORK (AP) — Near the end of 2021, Jessica Callahan was living in Columbus, Ohio, working as a social science researcher and wondering if there was a better way to support herself. Her friends Julie Ross and Austin Carter had similar thoughts and a similar solution: Open a bookstore.
"I think a lot of people re-eva ... (full story)

TikTok thrusts performance crimes into the US spotlight

TikTok thrusts performance crimes into the US spotlight

NEW YORK (AP) — Jonnifer Neal's Kia was stolen twice in one day — first from in front of her Chicago home and later from outside the mechanic shop where she took it to get fixed.
But Neal's ordeal didn't end there. After her car was recovered a month later, she was stopped by police twice coming home from work becaus ... (full story)


With all the politics and maneuvering, how is life in Florida changing for its residents?

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — "Don't say gay." Regulation of books and classroom discussion. Teachers, parents and school librarians all navigating new and uncertain ground. LGBTQ+ rights under attack. A very public spat between state government and Disney. And at the center of it all is a governor who has emerged as a ri ... (full story)

Trans joy and family bonds are big parts of the transgender experience lost in media coverage and anti-trans legislation

(THE CONVERSATION) Since the beginning of 2023, 49 U.S. state legislatures have introduced over 500 anti-trans bills. While mainstream media increasingly cover violence and legislative attacks against trans people, many scholars and activists worry that focusing just on violence and discrimination fails to capture the full experienc ... (full story)

Bill would create centers on diversity of thought at Ohio State, Toledo

A pair of Republican lawmakers want to establish independent centers of study and research at two public universities in an effort to promote diversity of thought among students and faculty.
Sens. Jerry Cirino and Robert McColley, respectively of Kirtland and Napoleon, are sponsoring Senate Bill 117, which would allow The Ohio S ... (full story)