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Illinois residents coining it on biometric privacy settlements

A long, long time ago––dozens of tech generations ago (2008)––the state of Illinois passed one of the most restrictive privacy acts in the country.
It is the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), and it has snared millions for plaintiffs in class action lawsuits from the largest data collection compa ... (full story)

Does videoconferencing capability obviate the subpoena power of the court?

You would think that the courts of the great state of California would have adapted to the new remote office structure that the rest of us are living in. But not so fast.
Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45(c) states that a district court has the power to compel a witness to physically appear at a trial if that person lives or is ... (full story)

District Court says no human--no copyright

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia granted a summary judgment motion to the U.S. Copyright Office that put a court’s imprimatur on the office’s consistent findings that only a human can obtain a copyright.
This case concerned AI art, but the decision should also apply to any kind of creativ ... (full story)

Ohio county exchanging smartwatches for ankle monitors

A recovery court near Cincinnati is going forward with a program that will take away those clunky and embarrassing ankle monitors and replace them with super-cool space age smartwatches.
The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that it comes from Judge Robert Peeler of the Warren County Recovery Court.
“To me, this is huge ... (full story)

Virtual influencers now regulated by the FTC

Virtual, AI-generated influencers can have millions of followers but they have been generally unregulated. Until now.
To review, an “influencer” is, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a “person who is paid by a company to show and describe its products and services on social media, encouraging other ... (full story)