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Latest Google SEO update emphasizes ‘helpful content’

The Google search engine algos continue to zero in more and more on content. The first updates a few years ago emphasized originality and creativity, and, over time, the updates have expanded to interpreting that original content.
The lates update of a few months ago now looks for “helpful content.” This algo looks f ... (full story)

DOJ forms “National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team”

The U.S. Department of Justice has formed a task force specifically dedicated to prosecuting crimes connected to cryptocurrency. With an initial staff of over 150 prosecutors, the official name of this group is the “National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team.”
But let me be the first to gloss them the “DOJ Crypto ... (full story)

PACER lawsuit finally settles

The three-year-old class action lawsuit filed by two nonprofits against the federal judiciary over PACER fees has finally settled, in a case this column has followed since its inception.
Users of the PACER system, which stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records and is the only way to access federal court filings, will ... (full story)

California passes online child data protection act

California Governor Gavin Newsome has signed the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act (“CAADCA”; AB2273), a law intended to strengthen data privacy for minors. This law follows on the heels of California’s other data privacy laws, particularly the CCPA and the new AB 587, which requires sites to post moderati ... (full story)

State and local governments to get $1 billion in federal cybersecurity grants

The White House recently announced how it was going to distribute the $1 billion in cybersecurity grants that were a part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into lae last year.
According to the Washington Posts’s Cybersecurity 202 newsletter, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed t ... (full story)