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Robots can’t apply for patents

Sucks for robots, I guess.
Judge Leonard Stark of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has sided with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the lower federal court that an Artificial Intelligence system cannot apply for a patent on its invention as an artificial being.
The case, Thal ... (full story)

Lawclerk app for freelance attorneys

Let’s say that you want to practice law but you don’t want to do all the fretting of having a physical law practice—overhead, employees, digging out clients, competition—all of that.
You just want to sit around and wait for business to come knocking at your door—specifically working for another att ... (full story)

First they came to regulate privacy. Now the EU is after AI

It is difficult to accurately gauge the real, on-the-ground effect of the EU privacy regulatory system GDPR. But it certainly had some effect, and has influenced privacy regulations and thought around the globe, and particularly in the US, since it went into effect in April of 2016.
And now the EU is tackling the really scary ev ... (full story)

Tradable subpoenas are on the horizon. Big bucks ahead

So this happened: A New York Supreme Court (equivalent to a Common Pleas court in Ohio, as we know), followed by a UK high court, OK’d the serving of court papers as NFTs to anonymous defendants (not Anonymous the decentralized org, I’m pretty sure).
To review, NFTs are another way to monetize or otherwise personaliz ... (full story)

The LinkedIn is connected to the website

LinkedIn is the primary business-to-business social media platform. It is a very useful took for connecting with potential clients and other attorneys. But it also connects to the rest of the Internet and can be used to enhance traffic to your website.
Your LinkedIn page is directly connected to your website and to your placeme ... (full story)