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ABA Formal Opinion: Don’t ask listservs for advice

Well, now we’re here. ABA Formal Opinion 511, promulgated on May 8, 2024, admonishes attorneys not to go to listservs for client-related legal advice.
That’s right. The ABA says: Don’t believe people on the internet. But, if you choose to believe people on the internet, at least don’t give them confidenti ... (full story)

USPTO issues clarifying guidance on the use of AI

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued some new guidance/ clarification on the use of artificial intelligence (or, I suppose, computer-generated human-adjacent creativity or something like that), based on how current rules cover AI use.
The guidance, published on April 11, ties up some loose ends that were left ... (full story)

Can Section 230 cover developers as well as providers?

We all know what Section 230 of Title 47 is right?
The oft-times political football that, legend has it, started the modern internet, is a part of the Communications Decency Act of 1996.
It generally provides protection for online communication services by making those services immune from responsibility for content provid ... (full story)

States are going after AI in political ads

In the last year or so, 40 states have looked at enacting legislation to limit the use of artificial intelligence/deepfakes/”synthetic media” in political advertising.
Eleven states have now enacted laws designed to prohibit or limit artificial intelligence and its products in political ads.
The laws vary from p ... (full story)

NIST looking to assess Gen AI before it’s too late

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just launched a new platform designed to assess generative AI technologies, including text- and image-generating artificial intelligence.
NIST is an agency of the Department of Commerce and, while it does not have enforcement powers, is the go-to standard-maker for cr ... (full story)