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Instagram tips for lawyers

Technology for Lawyers

Published: May 13, 2022

Good 2B Social is back in the house, with some Instagram tips. Here’s one to start: Instagram is a lot more user-friendly, easy to maintain, and to the point than Facebook. And with a billion users, the odds are that a few potential clients are looking for you. So if you don’t have a firm Insta account, now is the time to roll one out.
Tip jar:
You’re looking to gain and keep followers. Overall, the things that militate against that are not posting enough, being too “sales-y” in you posts, or posting boring or irrelevant material. The following can help.
Getting found is the most important thing. So leverage your hashtags. People looking for certain hashtags can find them on the “Explore” page. Use hashtags relevant to the clientele you are seeking, and be as specific as you can. #summitcountyohiodivorcelawyer is a lot more to the point than #divorcelawyer.
Don’t be boring. Use different content formats. I know, Lawyers are all about words. But Insta users aren’t. You will get the most engagements with video and carousel posts. Posts that contain multiple images or styles will get more engagement than one-image posts. Use Reels and Stories to keep the variety going.
Remember, Instagram is “instant.” Older posts have a harder time getting seen. Post at times when your potential viewers should be there. The best way to do that is to look at you analytics for engagement trends. Start with posting between dinner time and bedtime, and then adjust from there.
Post about 4-5 times a week—but don’t post fluff or garbage just to get something out there. Make every post count. Make it say something informative or that will attract new clients. And be consistent—create a pattern of posting that people can rely on.
Make sure that every post has a high-quality caption, short, to the point, and relevant to the post topic.
And then take your analytics seriously. Monitor them regularly, and adjust accordingly. Respond to your audience when they respond to you. And encourage your followers to recommend your services. Remember—word of mouth is the original and still the best social media platform.