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Startup Alley 2023 at the ABA TECHSHOW

Technology for Lawyers

Published: February 24, 2023

Fifteen startup finalists will start up the 2023 ABA TECHSHOW by pitching participants for votes. The winner will get a few trinkets—but, more importantly, all 15 finalists will have major exposure to law firms and potential investors. So here are a few that look interesting (thanks to the great Bob Ambrogi, as usual). The 2023 ABA TECHSHOW will be held March 1-4 in Chicago.
Calloquy Platform is a remote platform that is “dedicated to making remote legal proceedings safe, secure, and efficient.” The platform is designed to bring value to both large clients and the underserved community, offering secure meeting hosting for mediations, depos, etc.
LegalEase Citations is a Bluebook citation generator that automatically gives you a proper legal citation—case, legislative, administrative, book, or any other kind of citation a user needs, in three steps/ First, enter the source. Next, click “create citations” and get a result. Next, copy and paste into whatever you’re writing.
CiteRight keeps with the citation theme with a Word plugin that produces “perfectly formatted” citations and books of authority within your document. But isn’t half the fun of legal writing producing cool citations? Anyway….
Case Chronology is a browser-based tool to create your, um, case chronology. I have a story about this idea, if you ever run into me.
EsquireTek almost (almost) writes discovery responses for you. It scans incoming discovery requests and uses artificial intelligence to “accurately populate a discovery shell.” You can then fill in the rest of what needs to be included in the response in this shell, which has saved hours of retyping. Then the firm can draft responses, add objections, text or email clients, get signatures, and monitor incomplete/recalcitrant answers. (Clients, you know?).
DecisionVault is a client intake portal that can be directly inputted to your CMS, rather than requiring manual (typing) input. Simplicity.
Fidu is going to be a bit of a stretch for most people reading this. It is a client interface that can help move attorneys off of charging on an hourly basis and over to charging flat fees or even subscription fees. It’s client-oriented and not lawyer-oriented. Tread at your own risk.
Truve gives you business analytics for your law firm. If you can handle it.
For more details on all 15 finalists, go to and search for Your Votes Are In.