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The best multi-platform productivity apps, per ComputerWorld mag

Technology for Lawyers

Published: October 27, 2023

Law practice isn’t all courtrooms and clients. Someone has to tie together the various webs of office functions to make the business side roll forward. Here are some multi-platform (like your computer and phone) apps that could help, rated as the best in their niche, according to ComputerWorld magazine.
No AI this week (except where it’s buried in one of these apps). Sorry. But stay tuned for an announcement from the Akron Bar Association.
Task Management. The best multi-platform app for task management goes to Todoist ( “one of the most powerful and comprehensive task managers” gives you a robust set of options for adding, tracking and making sure you accomplish all of those things you know you should do. “Start for free.”
Note Taking, Planning and Organization. The award goes to Notion ( Notion bills itself as a “connected workspace,” and PC Mag calls it a “digital notebook on steroids.” It looks really powerful. Take a gander.
Process Management and Automation. Trello ( takes the cake here. Trello “brings all your tasks, teammates and tools together.” Nice free level for small orgs. It’s like a digital, shareable whiteboard. I have recommended it myself.
Calendar Management. Have fourteen different calendars you have to coordinate? Try Cron ( Also has a desktop app. Very complex interface that looks surprisingly navigable. Now owned by Notion. Looks worth a spin. “A better interface for Google Calendar.” And I have just downloaded it. They are working on phone apps so for now desktop only.
Email. The mag says that Superhuman ( is the most powerful email app for all devices. Problem is that it is expensive: $300/ year. The landing page says you will “get four hours a week back.” Somebody get it and tell me if it’s worth it.
Team Communication. Slack ( If you’re not using Slack, you have to tell me (and the rest of your staff) why. Slack is the premier inter-office communications app, and the latest updates have turned it into “Facebook for the office.” I’m on it all the time with other projects. It is brilliant. If you have more than one person in your office, what are you waiting for?